Case Study

Maryland Proton Treatment Center – Baltimore, Maryland


Increase patient demand in a cutting-edge cancer center while simultaneously decreasing the marketing budget and rebuilding a sales team.


• Sales Generation
• Marketing Strategy
• Execution & Team Development


In June of 2017 Antson Advisors (Antson) was brought into the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) to help solve a lack of patient demand which was preventing the issuance of $277 million dollars’ worth of municipal bonds to recapitalize MPTC. After a 60 day study period, recommendations were presented to the board and executed over the following 15 months. These recommendations spanned staffing a shift in strategic direction, changes in marketing allocations with simulations staffing changes were made.


  • A strategic marketing plan was created to ensure all sales and marketing efforts were aligned with a singular outcome, that is increasing daily patient volumes.
  • A full audit of marketing dollars was completed and a redistribution to digital marketing efforts was performed with a rebalance towards digital marketing was completed.
  • A new staffing and reporting structure was created that lead to better team efficiency while simulations providing cost take out opportunities
  • A teammate bonus structure was implemented to align outcomes of teammates to the desired outcomes of MPTC


With the new strategy and processes in place MPTC saw patient volumes increased by over 82% while simultaneously decreasing the overall sales and marketing costs by 35%. As a result of these efforts MPTC was able to restructure over $277 million dollars of debt and equity which subsequently stabilized MPTC for decades to come.

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